Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday's tip of the day...

Are you like me and try to have things to take into restaurants to keep the kids entertained? I try to  stuff things into the diaper bag but it usually gets pushed down to the bottom and forgotten about. Or I'll tell the girls to grab something when they are getting out of the car and they end up arguing over what to take or they can't find that one thing they want, etc.  Well, I have a solution!  We were at the beach a couple of weeks ago and my girls got some coloring and activity books from my mom.  We were getting ready to go out to eat and the girls, of course, wanted to take their books and crayons.  My mom (being the awesome mom she is) grabbed the plastic bag her sheets, she just bought, came in and put all the girls coloring things in there.  It worked perfectly! So perfectly that after I bought some sheets recently and gave that plastic bag to the girls so they would each have one.  Now they both have a bag to stick coloring books, activity books, reading books, little car games, crayons, etc in and the best part is that its clear so they can easily see what they have and things no longer get lost at the bottom of their little brother's diaper bag! What do you take on outings to entertain your little ones???


  1. I love this idea! Your mom is so smart.

  2. Thanks Lynsey! My mom is one awesome mama!! I think you and I are both blessed in the "having a great mom" category :)