About me

Hi, my name is Sarah Smart....I'm a 30-something single working mommy who loves to share ideas, crafts, ways to be healthier, kids stuff, recipes and all the many things that come along to being a mommy to my three little smarties.  

I am from North Carolina and love being a southern girl.  Before I became a mom, I was a public school teacher.  I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom until my oldest turned 7.  Life became different for us and now I have the privilege (yes, I think it is) of being a single mom to my smarties.  

While our lives are slammed packed with all kinds of activities from soccer to volunteering, we ALWAYS make sure we have time for each other and put Him first in all we do!  The smarties and I believe there is nothing more important than Faith, Family and Friends...those three things have gotten us through it all!!

July 2012


  1. What an incredibly beautiful family you have there! Little angels. :-)

  2. You and your 3 angels are very special to our family. As a foursome you are doing great. May God Bless your family.