Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 29

 Toliet Paper Bats
 This craft is fun for the kids to make and if you add some little treats inside, they are great to have at parties or share with friends.  If you do not have card stock, use construction paper...that's what we did. *tip: Use chalk or white crayon to draw out your wing pattern.

-toilet roll tube or you can cut a paper towel roll tube into smaller pieces
-grey or black card stock

 -black paint
-string or yarn to hang-you can get black shoe laces (3 pairs per pack) at the dollar store and use them to hang
-wiggle eyes
-double sided tape
-small candies (optional)

1.  Paint your toilet paper tube black.
2.  Let dry.
3.  Poke a hole through the top, center of the tube and put your string in so you can hang your bat up.
4.  Cut two wings from your card stock.
5.  Tape your wing to both sides of the tube.
6.  At the ends of the tube, push the sides in so they fold over each other and close the tube up.
7. If you want to share this with friends or have at a party, add some small pieces of candy inside before you close the tube up.

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