Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Lynsey

Happy Birthday to one of my besties...Lynsey Petree Moore!

Can't believe its been twenty something years (I can't even make myself say the real number...we can't be in our 30's right!?!) since we met in Suite 9 at Moore Elementary.  If I made a list of all that we have been through together from kindergarten to motherhood, it would stretch from my house to yours.  Even though we have lived in separate cities (and even states) for the past 8 years, you have always been there for me and I know I can count on you for anything! You are the kind of friend I wish everyone in the world could would be a lot happier place :)  I love you girl and cherish our friendship more than you could ever know!

Here is a look at our friendship through the eyes of the camera:
My 6th birthday party at Burger King-haha!
James Taylor concert
 sao event
Mountain House Restaurant
on one of our many soccer tournament trips

on the Parkway

asu soccer game

Spring Break '01
joining sao

formal '02
my bachelorette party
my wedding day
4-wheelin in TN

Lynsey's Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Lynsey's wedding day (Harper is the flower girl on the left)

Baby shower for baby Moore
Me meeting Mason for the first time

 Palmer, Harper & Mason

Ok so I could have put about 681 more pictures on here but I couldn't find all my old albums (I think all our pics from our Twin City days are at my parents'). And I really can't believe  I have a child getting ready to turn the same age we were when we met...ahhhh! Thanks for the many, many years of letting me be lucky enough to call myself your friend...and here's to many, many more!


  1. Oh Lawdy!!! Look at those pictures!! You are to sweet and it's really Me that has been blessed by your friendship! Love you girl!

  2. Ok, so now my eyes are filled with tears, happy tears from experiencing the special friendship you two girls have shared and watching the two of you as you have grown into the beautiful people and awesome mommies that you are!!! Happy birthday to you Lynsey...may your day be extra special and may your life be filled with many, many blessings!!! Thanks for letting me continue to "butt in" and relive those sweet (and sometimes crazy) memories that you girls began back in suite you both!!!

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