Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 31

 Happy Halloween and I hope you have enjoyed making these crafts and snacks with your kids this month as much as my girls and I did!  One last snack idea...take some of the things you have left from making the snacks this month and throw them together for a quick Halloween snack mix.  (pretzels, candy corn, popcorn, gummy worms, almond slices, M&M's, Reeces Pieces, small pieces of graham crackers, etc.) Great to take to a Halloween get together or just a snack to keep on hand for the kids.  Here's the last craft for this month....enjoy!!

Monster Feet
 This craft is your chance to be as creative as you would like.  Make your monster feet unique as you are! 

-rectangular tissue boxes (2 per child)
-paint (whatever color your want your feet to be)
-sequins, pom poms, fake fur, whatever you like!
-craft foam for the claws (green or yellow are good choices)

1.  paint the tissue boxes (you don't need to paint the bottom)
2.  Let dry.
3. Cut triangle pieces from the foam and glue them on for claws.
4.  Decorate your monster feet however you choose.
5.  Let the glue dry.
6.  Stomp around the house!

Here's how our feet turned out:
I put all kinds of craft stuff on the table and told the girls to have at it :)  I have to say, they were definitely creative!

Here's our Halloween snack mix:
I got the bowl at Dollar General for  $1 - $2.
 Idea from: 

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