Freezer cooking

I never cooked before I got married and thought once I was married that I would know how to cook and just love doing it for my husband and the kids we would have one day.  Well I was wrong!  I tried preparing home cooked meals for my husband after we were married but I quickly discovered I was not good at it and did not have a passion for it.  I would rather clean, organize, do laundry, about any other chore around the house more than cooking.  I have felt like that for the past 8 years.  Then I discovered the best thing ever...freezer cooking!  I have been doing freezer cooking for the past several months now and it has completely changed my attitude towards cooking and allowed me to fix healthier home cooked meals that my family loves.  I wish I could say I came up with my own recipes (maybe I'll get there one day) but for now my favorite blogs to find wonderful freezer cooking recipes are:

Ring Around the Rosies

Six Cents

Mom on a Mission

I have also gotten ideas from an online cook book-Get yours here and from a book I uploaded onto my kindle. You can check that out here.

I usually try and prepare and freeze enough meals for 1/2 to 1 whole month at a time.  I keep myself organized with what is in the freezer by typing out a list to keep on the fridge.  I check things off once I have prepared them and they are in the freezer.  And once we eat one of the meals, I mark through it.  That way I (and everyone else) knows what's in the freezer.  It makes it easier to prepare my weekly dinner menu.

** To make dinner even easier, don't forget to use Crock pot Liners.  They come four in a pack and I always use them.  Who wants to scrub a crock pot clean every night??? 

***Here is a post I did as part of my Thursday's Tip of the Day's all about freezer cooking! (posted on Nov. 1, 2012)


  1. I need to find the recipes for BBQ Hamburgers, Ground Beef Stroganoff, Shredded Pork Tacos, Baked Goulash and Garlic Ranch Chicken! Do the freezer meals really taste fresh? That's my only concern.

  2. Yes, they taste fresh. We have tried all the recipes you want except baked goulash and they were all delicious!

  3. So I printed out the recipes from six cents (Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches, Savory pepper steak, Scalloped potatoes and Ham, Salsa chicken and chicken curry). I am finally ready to get started on freezer cooking. Keep the inspiration coming!!

    1. So glad Megan! I LOVE freezer cooking...probably borderline obsessed. :) I havent prepared a meal without the crockpot in months.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Crock Pot bags! They make life so much easier.