Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 15

 Graveyard Dirt
You might remember this fun treat from your childhood.  You can let your kids help you make this but I made it ahead of time and gave it to my kids for a fun after dinner dessert.  You don't need many supplies for this one so its low cost!

-instant chocolate pudding
-crushed cookie part of an Oreo (or we used chocolate graham crackers)
-gummy worms
-small clear plastic or glass cups

1.  Make pudding according to package.
2.  Spoon it into your small plastic or glass cup.
Place gummy worms in pudding, sticking out of the top.
4.  Put cookies/graham crackers in a baggie and crush them.
5.  Sprinkle cookies/graham crackers on top.

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