Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 28

Two Ingredient Muffins
This is a fun way to spend some time in the kitchen with your little one.  You don't have to worry about them getting raw egg on them either!  It doesn't get much easier to make a baked treat than this recipe!

-1 box of spice cake mix
-1 can of pumpkin
-muffin liners
-mini chocolate chips (optional) 
-powdered sugar (optional)

1. Dump spice cake mix into a large mixing bowl.
2.  Add in the can of pumpkin.
3. Stir until all is mixed together.
4.  Put muffin liners in a cupcake/muffin pan
5.  Fill muffin liners 2/3 full.
6.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.
Ours made 18 muffins

**I have heard that doing this with chocolate and carrot cake mix is delicious as well!
**I found that the muffins were even more moist after they sat for a couple of days!
We stuck to the two ingredient title and didn't add chocolate chips or powdered sugar but will definitely try it in the future!
**excuse the hole in the cake box...I had to cut out the box top to send in to school for my oldest daughter
My preschooler wanted to take these for her snack to share at school so we got some cute muffin liners and picks at Dollar Tree.

Idea from Pinterest but I found it on Life After I "Dew". Its a great blog-check it out!!

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