Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So What Wednesday...

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So What Wednesday
  So this week I'm saying "So what" if... 
  • I had such an awesome time playing paintball over the weekend! Honestly, I was scared to death about it because I didn't want to get hit with a paintball (which is one reason I chose the costume I did) but it was so fun and I only have a few bruises...totally worth it and I can't wait to play again! On top of being just plain fun,  I got a much needed break from the kiddos and got to take shots at the hubs...who wouldn't have fun! ha

That's me in the middle front...yep I was Donkey Kong! And that's the hubs, I mean Luigi, laying down. We had so much fun dressing as Mario characters...I can't wait to hear the theme for next time!
  •  We had a little cookout with my family (since we were staying at my parents' house) for Archer's birthday and I wanted him to be able to have presents to open.  Since he got a Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License ($200!) for his birthday, I didn't want to spend much money on things he would actually enjoy right now. So, I went to the consignment store and got him 6 toys (all cars because that's the only thing the kid will play with) for $25! He was in heaven :)
  • I am totally that mom who dresses her kids in themed Halloween costumes.  My 4 year old is very into Dorothy from Wizard of Oz so I went with that and talked my 6 year old into being Glinda the Good Witch and my son (who has no clue what's going on...he's 1) is a Lollipop kid.  I figure I better use their cuteness while they will still let me. I have a feeling I don't have many more Halloweens left to be able to talk my 6 year old into being what I want her to be :(
  • Harper (my 6 year old) didn't have school Monday and we were extra lazy. My younger two have bad colds (Harper just has a stuffy nose) so we pretty much stayed in pjs all day and watched a few movies.  I really didn't want to send her to school yesterday and was secretly hoping her stuffy nose would make her not want to go. I will cherish those few No School days now like I never have before! 
Happy Halloween to everyone!
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  1. Mason and Archer can be hunting and fishing buddies. That's what my dad gave Mason for his first birthday.. haha!

  2. Yeah I hope our boys can be forever buddies...just like us!

  3. I already commented on this, but I don't think it went through....
    Jackson got the hunting and fishing license from my parents for his first birthday, too! You know I also love the themed Halloween costumes, but I am afraid you are right when you say we don't have many years that they will let us still do this! Enjoy it while we can, right? :)

  4. Well all our boys can take hunting and fishing trips together one day! I know Wendy, isn't it sad to know we don't have many more of these Halloweens left!? What are you guys being this year?

  5. The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf! We went last night to Mountain City Trick or Treating (they had theirs on Tuesday night??) and had to wear snow boots! It has snowed even more so I guess we'll be wearing them tonight, too!