Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 5

Mummy Juice Box
Parents, for younger children, make this craft ahead of time and serve it to them with their lunch. (My 4 year old did this but with me helping her quite a bit.)  I got a four pack of juice boxes and the wiggle eyes at Dollar Tree, we had the construction paper and glue sticks.  So total cost was $2 and the wiggle eyes will be used in several of my Halloween crafts.

-juice box (1 per mummy)
-white construction paper
-black construction paper
-wiggle eyes (2 per mummy)
-glue stick

1. Remove the straw from the juice box.
2.  Cut a small square (depending on the size of the juice box) from the black construction paper.
3.  Glue the black square onto the front, top part of the juice box.
4.  Glue two wiggle eyes onto the black construction paper.
5.  Tear the white construction paper into strips.
6.  Glue the strips all around the juice box covering all but the wiggle eyes and the hole in the top where the straw goes.
7.  Enjoy with lunch or snack.
**Make sure kids don't squeeze the juice box or they will have a wet mummy :)
These were the smaller juice boxes

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  1. Really cute! I might need to make these for Mason's Halloween party at MMO.