Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 19

 Paper Plate Ghost
This is a great craft to do at a party.  If your kids are older, they can do everything for themselves.  If you have younger ones, you can pre-cut the face, streamers and arms and they can glue them on. 

-white paper plates (2 per ghost)
-white streamers
-black construction paper
-white construction paper
-ribbon, string or yarn
-hole punch

1.  Cut 8 pieces of streamer and 2 arms (from white construction paper).
2.  Glue streamers and arms to the backside of one plate.
3.  Glue the other paper plate to the backside of the first one (covers up with mess).
3.  Cut out two eyes and a mouth from the black construction paper. Glue them on the to make a face.  **If you want to make a two sided ghost, give the other plate face too.
this is my four year olds ghost :)

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