Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 1

When I came across this idea it said to get a plastic sand bucket and paint it black.  Then to cut out eye shapes from yellow construction paper and glue them around the bucket.  I came up with some ideas I thought would be easier for my 4 and 5 year old but you can decide what would work best for your children.  We had paint and paint brushes so all I bought were the two buckets.  Total spent on this project was $2.  If you don't have any paint or brushes, you can also buy these at the dollar store.

-black plastic bucket (we found black cauldrons at the Dollar Tree)
-yellow paint
-black paint
-paint brush

1.  Apply some yellow paint to your child's thumb and let them put their thumb prints on the bucket. (Two thumb prints together to make a pair of eyes) Do this all over the outside of the bucket. After the prints dried, we needed to add another layer of yellow.  You might want to do the thumb prints one more time or you can go around with a paint brush and fill the prints in so the yellow is a little thicker. (I went around with a paint brush.)
2. When yellow paint is dry, take your paint brush, dip it in some black paint and make little dots for the pupil. 
3.  Allow black paint to dry.
That's have a Spooky Eye Bucket to use for Trick or Treating or just for holding a snack.

I read somewhere that if you use sand paper on your plastic bucket, the paint would stick better.  That's why you see all the scratches.  If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have done this.

This is Harper's bucket.  She did the pupils all by herself.

Here's what we did with our popcorn holder for a movie night.

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    1. Thanks Melissa! Wish I hadn't tried out the sand paper so it wouldn't look so bad in the pic! The scratches really don't stand out that bad but the flash on my camera made them really stick out.