Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Archer,

The first year of your life sure brought many changes to our family but we have grown together and you have completed us! We had a rough first few months but look at us now.  You have grown into a wild, mischevious, stubborn, outdoor loving, obsessed -with all-things-with-wheels little man.  Your first two words were "car" and "truck." (Although they sound a little different when you say them :) And riding the four-wheeler with Daddy is your favorite thing to do.  You have always been a mommy's boy but Daddy is quickly gaining ground in the favorite category.  As soon as Daddy gets home from work, you crawl to him and when he picks you up, you immediately point to the door.  You know he will take you outside :)  Your big sisters love you so much that I have to remind them to let you breath sometimes...they would kiss and hug on you all day. 

I love that you:
-cuddle with me at bedtime.
-are always in the same corner of your bed in the morning, no matter where I lay you down in the bed at night.
-have to sleep with Eebee (he's your best buddy) and if you are upset you hug on him.
-are so happy when you wake up in the morning and from nap.
-love your sisters...you squeal and wave when you see them first thing in the morning.
-are so much like your daddy...I hope you grow up to be the same kind of man/daddy he is!
-quickly point to Daddy's shed (where he keeps the four-wheeler) and say, "Ca" every time we walk out on the back porch or go in the backyard.
- sign "bath" and point to the bathroom every time I ask you if you want to take a bath.
-have your great grandmother's name as your middle name...she would be so proud of you and show you off to everyone.

I hope that you:
-become a better traveler asap!
-grow out of your dairy allergy :(
-learn to walk soon :)
-keep your love for all things that go...Daddy will love to rebuild cars with you one day!

We love you so much Archer Edmisten Smart and thank God every day for letting you be the one to make our family complete!  We can not wait to see the man you will become but right now we are just fine with your being our baby.

Love you more than all the wheels in the world-


October 23, 2011-Asheville, NC
1st day in our Durham house
1st time taking your monthly picture in our Haw River house

October 23, 2012 pic coming soon!


  1. Happy Birthday Archer! We love you so much!

  2. Archer Man, Happy Birthday to our wonderfully special little guy! You have brought so much love and joy into our lives during your first year!!! Looking forward to being a part of all the exciting adventures you'll be taking us on as you continue to grow and discover all the wonders God has created! We love you!