Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What Wednesday...

Linking up again with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and saying...

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying so what if...

-I make lists for everything! I have Mommy ADD, you know where you go to do something and then you get sidetracked and do something else and you finally think about that first thing you went to do when you're laying in bed at night....yeah that's me. So my solution, is to have a little notebook I carry around with me everywhere so I can make, add  to, mark off all the lists I make during the day/week.

-We went so low key for our son's first birthday yesterday.  No party, I made his little cake, a couple of helium balloon from the Dollar Tree, a Happy Birthday banner we've had for years. I guess what they say is true about going all out for the first child and its down hill from there.  Little man is our third and last so he doesn't get all the frills his sisters did. He won't even remember so why spend a couple hundred dollars on a party (like we did for baby #1)??

-I have decided yoga pants are my outfit of choice.  I seriously will wear them everyday until I need to leave the house for something like a parent/teacher conference, then I will throw on something a little nicer...maybe :) I have taken my daughter to preschool in them several times now..good thing she isn't old enough for me to embarrass her...yet.

-I probably let my four year old daughter watch too much tv.  Ever since her sister went to kindergarten this year, she won't play by herself.  She constantly wants me to play with her and I do but I also need to do some cleaning, laundry, etc. So when I can't handle one more Barbie or princess roll playing game, I turn on the TV for her. I will say we do not have cable so the only channel we get that she watches is PBS and those cartoons are educational, so I don't feel too bad about it :) 

-I'm a little obsessed with candles right know the Fall smelling ones like Mulled Cider, Warm Apple Pie, Pumpkin Spice, etc.  Having those yummy smells around the house makes it feel more Fall-ish especially since our temps outside sure don't (80 degrees is the average this week here...crazy!)

-I'm going to do something not very Mommyish and play paintball this weekend.  I have never played before but I'm excited. My brother and his girlfriend are having a Mario themed paintball extravaganza and since its close to Halloween, everyone has to dress up like a Mario character.  The hubs is going to be Luigi and I'm going to be Donkey Kong (we have an old gorilla costume my dad used several years back that has just been collecting dust in the attic so I thought I'd put it to good use).  Check back later for pics :)

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  1. I make list too! I say its safe & it does not let you forget the things in which you need to! & candles I too am a sucker for I always love them but I really love the Fall ones!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who has to make lists for everything! Fall ones are my favorite too :)

  2. A-I love fall smells! B-Lists are a must have! For real! C-Yoga pants are the bomb!

  3. I'm a list maker too!! New follower from SWW!

    -Heather - Private, just use "contact" to gain access

    1. Thanks for checking my blog out Heather! I'm headed to check yours out right now :)