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Becoming healthier

I am on a mission to make sure my family lives a healthy life.  I don't feel like depriving my children (or myself for that matter) of all things sugary and sweet is a way to do this.  So yes they will occasionally get sweets and treats but moderation is the key.  I think total deprivation will end up back firing on me at some point.  With that said, there are little changes I can make to be healthier.  One thing is definitely freezer cooking.  Since I don't have to fret anymore over what's for dinner, we eat out less and pretty much all of the recipes I fix have fresh veggies in them.  Another easy thing to change was what my kids eat for breakfast.  I am trying to eliminate as much of the pre-packaged breakfast items as I can.  My kids love poptarts so I found a recipe for homemade ones.  My kids love frozen pancakes, so we made our own and froze them. There are so many small steps like this that you can take to help make your family healthier!

Another way I decided to get my family healthier was using Shaklee products. I fell so in love with their all natural products that I decided to join the Shaklee family as an independent distributor and help other families get on the path to healthier lives too. One example of how these products are helping me be healthier is the Cinch energy tea.  I used to have to have a pick-me-up every afternoon around 3:00 to help me get through the rest of the day.  I relied on diet sodas to give me that boost of caffeine.  Now I have replaced that soda with all natural energy tea (hot or cold is yummy).  Update 9/14-I am no longer work for Shaklee but still use, love and whole-heartedly believe in their products.

I am also using Shaklee products to replace all my current cleaning chemicals.  It makes me feel so much better knowing what I'm cleaning my house with won't harm my children. Learn more about Get Clean to safely clean your home!

my three little reasons to be as healthy as possible

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