Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 11

 Sock Bats
This is something I learned to make when I was student teaching under an awesome first grade teacher.  For the stuffing, my girls and I used tissues from the tissue boxes we needed for the Monster Feet craft.  That way I didn't feel like we were wasting tissues.  Most of this stuff you probably already have around the house so it should be a pretty cheap craft!

-black dress socks (1 per bat)
-something to use as stuffing (tissue, paper towels, newspaper, etc)
-buttons or wiggle eyes (2 per bat)
-red puff paint
-black construction paper
-white glue

1.  Stuff the black dress sock with tissues or some other kind of stuffing. Don't stuff it all the way full...leave some room to tie the sock off so the stuffing won't fall out.
2.  Tie the sock with your string.  We had some black balloon string from some birthday balloons so we used that.
3.  Take two buttons and glue them on for the eyes.
4.  Use the red puff paint to draw on a mouth and fangs.
5.  Cut out some wings from the black construction paper.  To draw a pattern, fold black paper in half, draw a pattern with white chalk and cut it out.  When you are done cutting, you will have two matching wings.
6.  Glue the wings onto the back of your bat with the white glue.
7.  After the glue dries, you can hang your bat (upside down of course) from a curtain rod, suction cup hook, etc.


  1. Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I love that you hung them upside down. Sometimes the least expensive decorations are the best.

  2. Thanks Sage! I know what you mean...some of my kids most favorite crafts have been the ones we have used stuff around the house to make!