Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 10

 Monster Hands
This is snack you may remember making when you were a kid.  I remember making it back in elementary school.  This is an easy idea for kids to make and enjoy after school or to have or make at Halloween parties.

-clear plastic gloves aka "lunch lady gloves"
-candy corn (5 per hand)
-twist tie

1. Put a piece of candy corn (with the point in first) in each finger of the glove.
2.  Fill the glove up with popcorn, but not too full so you can close it up.
3.  Put a twist tie on so the popcorn won't fall out.
Not sure if you can see but the hands have a Halloween ring on the ring finger.  They are can get a whole bag of them at the dollar store.  Great little addition if you will be having these at a party.
I found these "gloves" left over from my teaching days so we used them but the clear gloves will work just fine!! You will actually be able to see the candy corn "fingernails" better with clear gloves.

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