Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days Series: Day 24

 Slimy Jello Snacks
This is a fun after school snack to have ready for the kids or an after dinner treat or a great treat to serve at Halloween parties.

-a box of green Jello (lime or apple)
-a box of another color of Jello: red, blue or purple works well
-8 oz mason jars or similar glass bowl or cup (1 per child)
-gummy worms (4-6 per child)

1.  Using the directions on the box, prepare the green Jello.
2.  Divide among your glass containers.  Only fill them halfway up.
3.  Refridgerate them until Jello is firm.
4.  Prepare the second box of Jello.
5.  Before you add the second Jello in the container, put a few gummy worms in the glass and dangle 1-2 over the side.
6.  Pour Jello on top of gummy worms, filling glass to the top.
7.  Refridgerate until top Jello is firm.
8.  Serve!
My girls wanted to try the sour gummy worms so that's what we used this time.
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  1. I love all of those gummy worm jello snacks, they are so creative and neat. Found you on Follow Me Wednesday, but I didn't see a GFC to connect to. I followed your g+. I am at

  2. Thanks Amy! I didn't put the GFC up because I didn't want people to mistake me only having a few followers (when I first started out) as my blog just not being very good. thanks for following and I'm heading your way to check yours out right now :)