Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday's tip of the day...

If you want to declutter the front of your fridge: go buy the magnetic locker organizers, stick one or two on the side of your fridge and put magnets you are not using, pens, invitations, pictures, etc. in them.  They are still in sight so you won't forget about them but just not covering the whole front of your fridge.

I got mine at Target on clearance from the Back to School section.  Yes, they might look a little juvenile but I like them! I have also seen some at Dollar Tree (they were solid colors). So its a totally cheap way to do a little organizing!!

I use the one on the left as storage for the magnets I'm not using at the moment. The one on the right is for the photo invitations and birth announcements my friends send me...I save them all! 

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