Monday, September 24, 2012

5 things I use dry erase markers for...

I have found several uses for dry erase markers around my house.  They come in all kinds of colors and you can buy them with built in erasers.  (I used a black one in all the pictures I took so it would show up better.) You can buy a pack of them at the Dollar Tree so it's not a great expense.

Use #1:  Do your kids get carsick from looking down to do an activity or do you get tired of finding melted crayons on the floor of your car and in the cracks of the seat??  Well I did so I decided to buy both of my girls a pack of dry erase markers (and a small container to keep them in) and they use the car window beside their seats as their drawing board.  Their markers have an eraser on the lid but if you get the kind that don't, a dry wash cloth works great.  That way, you can throw it in the wash when you need to and the kids won't make a mess like they might by using tissues to erase.

Use #2:  I like to leave my husband notes on the bathroom or bedroom mirrors.  He gets up for work pretty early sometimes and I don't get a chance to see or talk to him before he leaves.  So I wanted to be able to "tell" him to have a good day or remind him of something we need to do that evening without losing any of my beauty sleep...I need all of that I can get!
Use #3:  Do you constantly leave yourself notes? .  I do, otherwise I'll wake up in the middle of the night (because that's always when you remember something you forgot to do, right!?) and it will bug me until its time to get up for the day.  I decided one way to leave myself a note in the laundry room was to use the washer or dryer as my paper.  If I need to remember to take something out of the wash load before throwing it all into the dryer, I write a note.  Or if I am going to be gone and need my hubby to help with the laundry, I leave him a reminder note.  **Our washer and dryer are getting up there in age and have some surface scratches on them that the marker gets smeared into when I wipe off my message.  If yours do too, use an all-purpose cleaner (I use my Shaklee Basic H2 all purpose cleaner) to get all the dry erase marker off.  Also an easy thing to use as an eraser in the laundry room is a used dryer sheet!**
Use #4:  I like to leave my kids notes as reminders and to let them know I'm thinking about them.  My children are still young, so my notes to them are pretty simple.  As they grow older, I'm sure I'll be reminding them to grab their lunchbox or study for a test.  But no matter how big they get, a note of encouragement or an "I love you!" from their old mom will hopefully put a smile on their face.
 Use #5:  This one might make you laugh but yes I really do this!  Let me tell you why...My 11 month old son tends to crawl into the bathroom and throw his pacis into the open toliet.  I have tried and tried to remind my girls to close the lid after they use the potty but they never seem to remember.  Well I decided if they had something funny to look at when they closed the lid that maybe they wouldn't have so much trouble remembering.  So I draw a funny picture on the back of the toliet with my dry erase marker.  They think it's hilarious and have yet to forget to close the lid since I started doing no more pacis have had to go for a swim!  I change the picture once a week so they don't get tired of it and go back to forgetting.  I know this might not be a forever solution to my son getting into the potty but it works for now so I'm going to stick with it!

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  1. Excellent idea, Sarah...and I love the Shaklee H2 all purpose cleaner! Its applications are endless!!!