Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mission: Save the clothes

 Have you ever noticed those spots that look like grease stains on your clothes...but not until  after you wash and dry them?  I see them all the time on my children's clothes.  I will try to get them out by spraying some of the stain remover on them and throwing them back in the wash and cross my fingers they come out this time.  I don't like using the stain remover especially on my children's clothes but what else is there to do besides let them go around with stains???  In one of the recent loads of laundry I did, I found some of these stains on Archer's outfit.  Instead of going for the stain remover, I decided to try my new Shaklee liquid laundry detergent and squirted a small amount on the spots and rubbed in in with my finger and threw it into the washer.  Here is the before and after pictures: 


I left the clothes in the dryer too long so they were a bit wrinkled when I got them out but the stains were all gone! I also just got Harper a super cute gray with pink strips dress from Goodwill ($3) but I hesitated on buying it because it had the same kind of grease stains ALL over the front of it but I thought, "Hey, it will be a $3 experiment, so why not give it a try?!"  So after putting the dress back two times, I grabbed it and brought it home to see if there was any way I could get those stains out.  I only wish I had taken a picture of the dress before!  I have no idea how long those stains were there or how many times the dress had been washed and dried before I bought it or what the stains were from but after dabbing on some Shaklee laundry detergent and washing it and drying it ONE time...the stains were all gone! If you want results like these, shop Shaklee!
How cute is this dress?!?
*** Tip: Washing clothes in cold water can save up to 10 cents per 8-pound load,
assuming use of an electric water heater and U.S. average electric rate
(Consumer Reports 2005).

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