Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to decorate VERY cheaply

My children's playroom has had bare walls since we moved into this house 6 months ago.  We always have other needs when it comes to our money so I haven't been able to set aside any for decorating.  I knew if I didn't think of a CHEAP idea, our kids would be grown before the playroom got decorated!  I had a stack of book jackets I take off of their hardback books (so they won't get torn) tucked away in the closet and the other day when I saw them a light bulb went off (in my head, not the closet).  I went to Dollar Tree and bought several black frames in different sizes, put the book jackets in them, and hung them up!  It was that easy!  Why hadn't I done this months ago???  I know I'm not the first person to think about this but I was so excited about it, I just had to share.  It's a great, cheap way to decorate a playroom or a child's bedroom and a way to display some of their favorite books.   So my total spent on decorating four bare walls...$10!  And with all the book jackets we have, I can have a theme (like all Dr. Seuss books, holiday books, books from a favorite series, etc) and switch them out periodically and give the room a new look.  What are some of your cheap decorating tips??? I'd love to hear from you!
These are some of the book jackets I framed for the playroom.  I stuck a couple pieces of double sided tape on the back of each book jacket to hold them in place.
Hanging up on the wall...sorry about the glare!


  1. What a Smartie-clever idea! I just may do this as we will have a large playroom for Reagan at the new house we're renting. My only suggestion for now is this (and would never work for Lynsey bc she loves matching things): shop thrift stores or yard sales for amazingly cheap picture frames. Complimentary frames that aren't matching are great for a hallway. We had over 30 frames filled with all our extended family members and we would point out different people to Reagan as we walked up the stairs.

  2. Hey now... None of the frames in our playroom match :) I'm branching out. Haha. I love this idea. Need to start saving those book jackets.

  3. Jennifer-I love the idea of getting some old frames at yard sales and thrift stores. I'm going do that to decorate other places in the house! I was just so excited about the chance to put something on the playroom walls, I ran to the dollar store to grab all the frames I needed :) Lynsey-you are too funny! Being on a budget definitely makes us branch out doesn't it!?! Thanks for the comments!!