Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday's Tip of the Day...

Not too long ago one of my bestest friends, Lynsey, did a post about doing one of those many things you see on Pinterest.  It wasn't a cute craft or yummy recipe but something even more attention emergency car seat sticker.  Why hadn't this ever crossed my mind?! In case of an accident, my kids are young and most likely won't be able to give an emergency worker all their personal info.  So I went on Pinterest and repined that pin and printed off the list with the car seat emergency info.  I pray that none of us will ever be in a situation where this car seat sticker has to be put to use but I hope everyone of you with young children joins me in doing this pin!
We have a seat cover on Archer's seat so there wasn't a big space to put his sticker but as long as it's on there, that is the important thing!
Palmer helped me find a spot for hers and it was a great conversation starter about what to do incase of an emergency!
Palmer also helped me pick out a spot for Harper's sticker since Harper was at school. And Palmer couldn't wait to go pick her sister up and tell her about the stickers. I loved hearing Palmer explain everything to Harper...too cute!
Even though my four and six year olds know their address, my phone number, and their birth date, I put one on their seats. They are both shy to talk to strangers and in the case of an emergency, I have a feeling fear might take over and neither would be able to get the info out. 

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  1. So glad you found it helpful. I think it's such an important thing for all parents to place on their child's carseat.

  2. YES Lynsey I am soooo glad I found it. Thanks for posting it!!!!