Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So What Wednesday...

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying "So What" if... 
~As I am typing this (Tues. am), we still don't know what our Thanksgiving plans are.

~I still haven't started my Christmas shopping...heck, I haven't even made my shopping lists yet.

~I have decided I am one of those people who can only handle one holiday at a time.  I can't get in the Christmas decorating, getting a tree, listening to Christmas music kind of spirit until Thanksgiving is over.

~My husband and I were always those crazies who got up to go shopping at 2am on Black Friday but since we have had kids, I haven't gone...I kinda miss it. 

~I think I'll do most of my shopping online again this year.  With three kids and always having at least one of them with me, it's a little hard to get to the stores for Santa shopping.

~I am praying that my kindergartner doesn't come home from school saying that someone told her there was no Santa.  I want my kids to believe in the magic of Christmas as long as possible...once it's gone, it's never quite the same. 

~Before we had kids, I only drank girlie, fruity drinks-hated beer.  After our second child, I started liking the taste of beer. Now that we have had three kids, I love beer and prefer it over "girlie drinks" and wine. Good thing we are done having kids or I might end up drinking the "hard stuff." haha

Happy Thanksgiving from the Smart family!!! 

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  1. I'm definitely the same way with holidays. One at a time please! I asked Jason if he would watch Weasel so I could go shopping on Black Friday. He said, "Sure, but you're crazy!" Then I saw a post on twitter that said, "Only in America do people trample each other for great deals the day after celebrating their thankfulness." I changed my mind immediately:)

  2. That is a great quote and so true...the desire to go Black Friday shopping has definitely left me now :) Come on CyberMonday! haha