Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 4 Gifts Idea (Need)...

We are so blessed because it was hard to think of what things we really needed.  But after some thought this is what we came up with...

Harper and Palmer (daughters-ages 6 & 4)
#1-A new humidifier. They usually get a cold or two during the winter months and we always keep a humidifier in their room when that happens.  Unfortunately, the one we were using was recently dropped and broken into many pieces.

#2-I don't get the girls hair cut often but by Christmas time they will definitely be in need of a trim and shape up.  There is a place that caters to children's haircuts called Snip-Its. The girls love to go there but seeing as it's a little more than I want to pay for a haircut, it's not often they get to go. They would love to get a gift card to this place.

#3-Some workbooks for enrichment. They love doing these and we are in need of some new ones!

Archer (son-age 12 months)
#1-My son has been using his sister's old pink blanket on his bed. I think it's about time to get him a more boyish one.

#2-Diapers-can't have enough of those!

#3-Wipes (I love making homemade wipes but sometimes it's just easier to grab a pack and go.)

Me Ok so I decided to include myself in this one :)
 #1-I know this sounds cliche but I NEED to spend time with my family.  Last year was just plain crazy...we moved on Thanksgiving day (with a 1 month old) and Christmas was lonely. I was having a super difficult time with my newborn but didn't want my daughters to miss out on Christmas with family, so my husband and girls drove 3.5 hrs away to spend Christmas Eve with his family. So, yes this year, I need my family! And as I was looking for a family picture, I also realized we need somemore of those...this one is the only one I could find of all 5 of us!

#2-I always need a calendar for Christmas and I love this Mom's Calendar.  I write down everything, am a list maker, and just love to be organized so this is something I definitely need.

#3-Now that I have gotten into freezer cooking and making healthier recipes for my family, I have all kinds of recipes in about three different places...not ok with me. Like I said, I need to be organzied so a place to store all my recipes would be great! 

 What do you need for Christmas?  Was is as hard for you as it was for me to think of things you actually need instead of just want?

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  1. A very good and useful exercise. Got your recipe need covered!!!

  2. Great needs. I really hope that you get that family time in. And, family photos. Thanks for linking up. Hope to see your post tomorrow for "wear".