Thursday, November 22, 2012

The 4 Gifts Idea (Wear)...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

1. Something we want
2. Something we need
3. Something to wear
4.  Something to read

Back for Week 3 in the 4 Gifts Series with our "something to wear" list:

Harper & Palmer (daughters, ages 6 & 4): 
I racked my brain and asked the girls some things they might want for Christmas that they could wear.  The only things we could come up with were slippers and Christmas pjs.  They have more clothes than should be legal and shoes too.  And they have enough coats, hair accessories, jewelery, dress up outfits and pockets books for a class full of girls. They have grandmas that spoil them rotten as well as friends and cousins that pass down their clothes. So two things in this category is all they are getting.
#1:  Slippers and they want doggie ones 

#2: Christmas pjs (these will be opened on Christmas Eve so they can wear them)

Archer (son, age 1):

#1:  Some soft shoes.  He is very slowly trying to walk and wants to do it when we are out and about but when I put hard soled shoes on him, he acts like they are too heavy and pulls them off.  He has a couple of pairs of Robeez but has almost outgrown them so some little shoes like these would be perfect for a new walker!

#2:  Fleece sleep sack.  With winter coming, his cotton sleep sacks aren't going to be sufficient enough to keep the little guy warm so a couple of fleece sacks should get us through those cold nights.

#3:  Christmas pjs so he can have his festive jammies on to open up presents in Christmas morning.

#1:  I love all the trendy, cute scarves everyone is wearing and I'm sad to say that I'm not the proud owner of any.  So I would love a scarf or two to keep me warm and looking cute this holiday season. :)

#2:  I also am loving all the knee length boots I see everyone wearing and I want some too.  I will take a pair in black and a pair in brown...thanks!

#3:  Clothes-some essential pieces that I can make several outfits out of.  I can not tell you the last time I went clothes shopping. I am still wearing the same stuff I have worn for years and it's worn out and well I'm just ready for a change. 

What are some things you can wear that you want for Christmas??

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  1. Great post. Thanks for linking up. My kids had those same reindeer pj's a couple of years ago. And, for soft shoes we LOVE Pedipeds. Amazon often has great prices on them, especially this time of year.

    1. Thanks Alyson! Those pjs are too cute and thanks for the Amazon tip...I'm definitely going to check there first. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!