Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's Tip of the Day...

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Several years ago, a friend gave us a tin full of homemade cookies.  I was excited and as soon as we got it, I opened it up and saw small pieces of bread in there amongst the cookies.  I guess she saw the perplexed look on my face and proceeded to explain.  She told one of the best little tidbits of info and I wanted to share seeing as it's the holidays and holidays are full of baked yummy goodness!  

If you add small pieces of bread all around your cookies, it will keep them soft.  The cookies take in the moisture from the bread and the bread pieces will turn hard while your cookies stay soft.  We just baked a bunch of sugar cookies to take to a family get together to let the kids decorate as an activity to keep them busy.  The only time we had to make them was several days before the party, so I threw in a torn up slice of bread and those cookies kept their softness!  

One time, I was getting ready to throw out the last few cookies someone had given us because we had them for a while and the last ones had gotten pretty hard.  Then I thought I'd try the bread trick, just to see if it might work. Well, it did!  

Maybe you already knew this trick and it's old news to you, but every time I give someone some homemade cookies and then explain why there are pieces of bread in there, they always say, "Really?! I have never heard of that before!" So I thought I'd share and hope you enjoy giving and receiving all those yummy cookies this holiday season!

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  1. great can you come make the cookies for me too:)

    1. Megan-I know you make better cookies than I do!!!

  2. Well, I didn't know that so thanks for the helpful information.