Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Organizing the pantry

Parlo and Logi

I like things to be nice, clean and organzied then I had three kids and the nice and clean pretty much went out the window.  I still manage to stay somewhat organzied otherwise I'd go nuts.  So the other day when I realized how cluttered my pantry had become, I knew something had to be done!
This was driving me crazy. I had no idea how many bags of pretzels we had or that I had a whole bag of flour that had been pushed to the back of a shelf.  I purchased some clear plastic containers (small ones for $1.97 and medium size ones for $2.97 at Wal-Mart) and went work sorting what we needed and throwing out old stuff. About 30-40 minutes later, I was much happier. 
Since taking this picture, I did add another container on the middle shelf and labeled a few more things.
Putting most things in a clear container really helps in several ways. First, I can see exactly what I have and what I am running low on.  Second, it's so easy when the kids ask for a snack to just grab the snack container or when I need a baking item, I just grab that container.  No more wondering where in the heck I put that food coloring or crossing my fingers and hoping I still have some peanut butter in there somewhere.  I also suggest labeling each container so anyone else can know where to look for something (and also where to put something back). I have to say, it's been about two weeks since I have done this and everything has stayed exactly where it goes, which is something to get excited about when you have a 4 & 6 year old and a husband who are constantly raiding the pantry!

What do you do to help your pantry stay organized?

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  1. It looks great! I have to reorganize mine every couple of months... my husband doesn't understand the idea of organization at all.

  2. Great job organizing. I tell you, I like to find the stuff when I need it but it could be neater. Every time I do a clean up of the food drawers and such, I find all kinds of stuff I didn't know I had or thought I was out of and end up having multiples. I want to do the chalkboard paint on jars with the flour, rice and sugar. One day!

    The Tag You're It- I answered the same questions that Lanaya posted, which are the 5 on mine.

    1. thanks Amy! I would love to do the chalkboard paint on jars one day too and I'd also love to paint a spot on the wall with the paint for making grocery lists, writing notes on, et.

      I'm going to type up my post tonight and post it tomorrow! Thanks again for tagging me.