Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorite

Prayer Sticks

Not too long ago, one of my favorite blogs posted an idea about Prayer Magnets.  I loved this idea and thought how great it would be to do something similar for my young children.  We always end up saying the same few blessings over and over again at meal time.  How neat would it be to have 25 short little blessings to have on the table ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  

I used the prayers that Amy provided on her blog.  I printed them off, cut them out and then glued them onto large popcicle sticks.  The font the prayers are in is small enough that each strip of paper fit perfectly on the sticks.

Then I got a small mason jar and added a little decoration to make it cuter...
I had leftover fabric from the girls cowgirl birthday party last year and I always have twine in the art room for projects.

Now we have this jar sitting on our table so all we have to do it pull out a stick at mealtime and say the blessing.  My kindergartner has loved being able to read the blessings to us all by herself!

Does your family have any favorite meal time prayers?

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  1. I love your retake! My 7 year old loves having new prayers to read. I hope your children love it just as much. So fun and easy to make. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks for the awesome idea! My kids can't even sit down before they are saying, "can I say the blessing this time?" They love it and my 6 year old LOVES being able to read them all by herself! Thanks so much for the idea Amy!! Yall have a great weekend too :)