Monday, August 5, 2013

Cookout Yumminess & Giveaway

Silly me thought summer would lead to me having more time to blog...ha!  We have been beyond busy and out of town a lot.  But this weekend, I made time for a cookout after I received a goody box in the mail from Red Gold.  If you remember this post/giveaway about using the Red Gold products before, then you will understand why I jumped at the chance to try out new recipes using Red Gold products.  Red Gold is a family owned business that started in 1942 and they strive, “To produce the freshest, best-tasting tomato products in the world.”
  Health facts about Red Gold Tomatoes:
-100% natural-no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
-The antioxident Lycopene is found naturally in tomatoes
-A fat free food
-Good source of Vitamin A
-A gluten free food 

I received several yummy recipe ideas but decided to use the Chili Ready Diced Tomatoes for the "Summer Tomato Burger" and the Petite Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies to make the "Spicy Burgers."  They were both super easy and sounded delicious.  If you know me, I am all about simple!

I followed the three step recipes and here's what the final product looked like...

You, of course, can top your burgers with whatever pleases you and your crowd but the recipes did come with serving suggestions.  I chose to put out tomato, spring lettuce, avacado, ketchup and mustard.  The ketchup we used was Red Gold's "Mama Selita's Jalapeno Ketchup."  My brother commented that the ketchup was what made the was yum!

Enter here for a chance to win a Summer Grillin Party from Red Gold (contest ends Aug. 30, 2013)

If you want to learn more about Red Gold products, recipes, and many other things, visit the Red Gold website.

Would you like to win this box of Red Gold products (you know you would!)??  
 All you have to do is leave a comment and I'll let let pick a winner for me.  I will announce winner on My Little Smarties' Facebook page
tomorrow morning! 

Don't let summer get gone before you try Red Gold products at your next cookout!


  1. Yummy! I want to try! That burger looks delish!

  2. You know I love a good burger! I'd love to try this recipe.

  3. Spicy burgers on a summer evening...sounds perfect!

  4. my husband loves spicy :)

  5. You know how the Clifton's love to grill out, and this could be the "treasure" eric is searching for (HA)!