Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Schedule

Just because summer is here doesn't mean we will be throwing our schedule out the window.  Yes, it will be more relaxed but I like having an idea of what each day will bring and I think my kids function better knowing what to expect.

So here's the schedule I have made for our summer:
(This schedule is for our mornings, until lunch, since our afternoons consist of nap time for my younger two smarties.)

 Out & About Monday:  We run most if not all our errands for the week.  I make my lists out over the weekend so we can be out the door and on our way first thing on Monday mornings.

Stay Home Tuesday:  Cleaning and Laundry Day -kids have a few chores to do and after they do them they are allowed some computer, tv or Kindle time while I finish up my chores.

Whatever Wednesday:  We will go do whatever activity the kids' pick (It can be something that costs money.)

Active Thursday:  Do something active together, whether it be walking (hoping to try out some of the greenways around town), going to kick the soccer ball around, going to swim at grandparent's pool, etc. 

Free Fun Friday:  We will do a free activity the kids chose (library, park, picnic, pool, playdate, Pinterest idea, etc)

I also made a list of friends who we can call on for a playdate and a list of activities (free and ones that cost money) to have beside our schedule for a quick reference guide.  

For those of you who live in and around our area, here's a list I came up with:

(we go to Jonie Moser, Jack Warren, Tanglewood but would love suggestions of your favorite ones so we can try out something new) 

As I was making my list of things I wanted to do with the kids, I came across this article of 50 things to do this summer in the Triad Region.

*keep your eye out on Groupon, Living Social, etc for deals on these kinds of things.  We have gotten to do several of these activities for cheaper than normal.  Like a family pass to the zoo for $28 using Living Social.
*Tanglewood park-costs $2 or buy a year pass sticker-$25 ($20 if you purchase in January)

Here is my Summer Fun Board on Pinterest

What will you be doing to keep the kids busy this summer?


  1. If you ever need some friends to join y'all.. you know who to call :)

  2. Don't you worry, your phone will be buzzing for walking and play dates all summer!

  3. This list is really great, especially since I'm new to town! I will def bookmark it for ideas.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Hope you have a fun summer!