Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First day of Preschool

Well that week between my oldest starting school and my middle smartie starting preschool sure went by super fast...sigh.  I do have to say, I'm not an emotional wreck like I was when my Harper started preschool.  And my middle smartie did go to preschool for half a year last year, so we aren't complete newbies to this.  But it's still hard to let go of one of your babies...whether it's the first or last or any in between!  

Here's how today went for us...

Got all three smarties up and dressed, their two cousins came over and they ate breakfast together and played while I cleaned up after breakfast.  Then we loaded the van up (not without snapping a few pics first) and headed to school.  Since it was Palmer's first day, I walked her in but from now on, she will get out at the traffic circle with her sister and cousins. 
She wanted to make her own First Day sign like her big sister did last week.  And even though it's hard to read, I went with her idea...I mean how cute is that!?

More photo opportunities...
 I am so excited about the year ahead of her.  She has such an amazing teacher.  Seriously, I have heard nothing but praise, praise and more praise about Mrs. Lyon.  I know one thing for sure, she knows how to decorate, huh!?
Preschool is over at 12, so little smartie and I picked Palmer up and head home for lunch and nap before we went back to pick up the big kids at 3.  Yep, it's a crazy, hectic day with lots of rushing around getting, everyone here and there but I wouldn't trade my life for anything! 
 She got a special first day of school treat after lunch.

Now that we have a new school routine down, we get to throw in soccer practice and dancing next week to add a little more craziness...I'll take any prayers (for my single mom sanity) that you're willing to give! :)

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