Tuesday, May 14, 2013

cute DIY gift

My sister-in-law and I were trying to think of a cute Mother's Day gift for the grandkids to make for their grandma.  She came across an idea of spelling out a word using FrogTape on a large blank canvas and letting the kids paint it.  I knew my 4 and 6 year old would not be happy if their little brother or little cousins painted on their part so we decided to get each child their own small canvas.  We chose the word LOVE. The kids had a blast doing this project and it was something even my 18 month old and his 21 month old cousin could partake in.  

Here's what we did:

-Got 5 x7 canvases at Michael's
-Using  FrogTape, put one letter on each canvas
-Poured out each color of paint on paper plates so the kids could share (Although I think if we did it again, we would let each child pick a color or two. My 4 year old used so many colors, her canvas turned out a yucky color.)
-Let the canvases dry over night.
-Pulled the tape off and ta-dah
-Since we have 5 kids and a four letter word, we let my 1 year old's canvas be used as a place for all the "artists" names to go.
Here's the paint we used.  We knew it had to be washable with our little ones using it.

We used FrogTape so we could easily get it off after the paint dried.  *We learned not to let the kids put a ton of paint on because it could cause the tape to move and then get paint where you don't want it to be.
They had lots of fun painting!

Here's how it turned out. 
I know Mother's Day has passed but this would be a cute gift for a loved one anytime of the year...Father's Day, birthday, etc. 


  1. As the recipient of the artwork above, I can tell you that I think it is a wonderful gift to receive!

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