Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Blessing of Being a Single Mom

I never thought I'd hear myself referred to as a "single mom" but here I am, going on almost 2 years of that title under my belt...and it's been a huge blessing to my life!  What??? you ask, how can that be a blessing?

The old me...
I used to be one of those "everything has to be perfect" children's outfits had to match or at least coordinate, they had to have cute themed birthday parties every year, I had to say yes to help out/volunteer/organize every class party, team get together, play date, and so on. But since becoming a single mom, I've realized I can not do it all and yet miraculously the world still goes round! 

Me now...
Hand me down clothes are my favorite, my kids get a cake and special family meal for their birthdays, and more importantly I've learned to say no sometimes.  I get frequent comments on how exhausting it must be to be a single parent and carry it all on my shoulders.  But I'd rather be in my shoes than have unrealistic expectations and always demand way too much of that's exhausting!  Yes, there's a lot on my shoulders but I get to pick and chose what it is I really want to "carry."  Being a single mom has helped me appreciate what I do have rather than focus on what I don't. I thank God for my blessings and my struggles every single day instead of constantly asking Him "Why me?"  

So fellow mamas, here's what I'm trying to say...
Stop being so hard on yourselves!  Let your kids pick out their clothes occasionally (even if your 2 year old son insists on wearing his sister's gold sparkly church shoes-true story), eat cereal for dinner every once in a while (we just did the other day), forget those Pinterest-perfect birthday parties, learn to say no and not feel bad about it and most importantly go easy on yourselves...there's not a single one of us who is perfect...let's lift each other up, laugh at our mistakes, share our stories, and praise God for allowing us to be mothers-single or not!


  1. Well written, Sarah! Thanks for sharing!

  2. As I was reading your post, tears filled my eyes. These were not tears of sadness, however. As I have watched you assume the duties of single mom to my three precious grandchildren, I've seen someone who is dedicated to making certain that she instills her children with the values and provisions that will serve them well in life.Yes, this might involve hand-me-down clothes/ toys, etc. and scaled down birthday parties at times. But, what's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! You've led by example, making sure to afford them opportunities to be creative, caring and compassionate children.You've taught them how to make the most of what God has blessed them with and most importantly, how to share their "gifts" with others who are less fortunate.You have shown them how to respect and appreciate those who are helpful forces in their young lives. When I look at them, I see bright- eyed, happy, involved, empathetic little people. You are a wonderful mommy and you make me so very proud of you each day! I love you, Sarah and am so happy that God has blessed me with you!