Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Father's Day

This year we decided to make a few things for Father's Day instead of the usual picking something out at the store.  I hoped on Pinterest and found a few cute ideas and decided to do the ones the kids liked best.  This is what they decided on...

I came across a sweet poem called, "Walk With Me, Daddy."  I typed it up and printed it out on cardstock then added one footprint from each child and put it in a frame.  It turned out really cute!

Then the kids really wanted to make the candy card.  So we hit the Dollar Tree and got all the candy we could there and walked next door to the Five Below and got what we couldn't find at the dollar store.  With the price of cards being so high these days, why not spend a few more dollars and make your own that you can actually enjoy?!  Here's how the card turned out...

And last, the kids wanted to make Daddy a yummy dessert for an after dinner.  So we are planning on making this Fruit Pizza. I hope ours turns out this cute!

the Diary of DavesWife: Father's Day Fruit Pizza


  1. Great ideas and I gotta say, you are a good momma!

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